Calcutta Details

September 7, 2020

Pairings/Draw Breakfast: 8:30 –  9 am

Match Play: 9 – noon

Awards: Noon

$70pp ($50 goes to the prize pool)


  • Men will play doubles all in the same flight.

  •  Each player signs up as an individual.

  • The Pro staff assigns each player a handicap rating number between 0 and 15.

  • Teams are paired using a lottery drawing system on the morning of the event.

  • Teams are chosen for you!! The ability of partners may vary greatly.  The handicap will account for this disparity.

  • The combined team handicap is determined by adding the two handicaps together.

  • Teams play-off in a round robin tournament where each team faces every team in their division.

  • Each match is played to 25 points. Change sides on Multiples of 16. Rotate serve every 4 points. If Team #1 has a total handicap of 3 points and Team #2 has a total handicap of 8 points, then Team #1 starts at 0 and Team #2 starts at 5 points (8 – 3 = 5).

  • Everyone owns their own team!

  • Maximum of 8 Men in each draw.

  • $50 from the entry fee goes toward the prize money pool.  If a full draw, prize money will be 1st $400, 2nd $200 with full entries.

  • Sign up online, click here