Ball Machines


There are two ways to use the remote control for the machine. You can either use the “on/off” remote that is stored in the pro shop, or you can sync up your smart phone to function as a remote which is capable of adjusting how the ball is fed to you in a variety of ways (power, speed, spin, direction, and a lot more!).

To sync up your smart phone to the ball machine, follow these steps:

1) Download the app to your phone. The app is called “Like My Drill” and costs $0.99.

2) Open the app, and complete the user and password info. The user is your email address, and the password is whatever you enter. Note: You will get an email from that will include a link to “finish your user registration.” Click the link, and then proceed below.

3) Turn on the ball machine (when standing behind it, the on/off switch is located on the right side of the machine, and lights up red when powered on).

4) Make sure the black wire from the remote box is plugged into the ball machine on the right side, just to the left of the on/off switch.

5) Click “sign in” on your phone.

6) Make sure your smart phone bluetooth is turned on.

7) Standing near the ball machine, click “ball machine” under the “Select an Accessory” pop-up box on your phone.

8) Now, you are ready to start playing!!! Click “Edit Drill” to manipulate the drill with ball spin, direction, speed, frequency rate, and more.

    8a) “Design Your Drill” gives you 3 options to vary the ball feed. Play around with these to see what the machine can do. Or, ask a Pro to help!

    8b) “Edit Drill Name” lets you name your drill, so that next time you use the ball machine, the settings you make today will be applied to future uses.

    8c) Experiment with the other options, or click “Done” at the upper-right of the screen when you are ready to begin hitting balls. Then, click the “play/pause” button at the top-right of your phone to remote start/stop the ball machine from anywhere on the court.

Note: If you use the ball machine without a smart phone and the standard “on/off” remote stored in the pro shop, make sure the black wire plugged into the ball machine next to the on/off switch is coming from the box with the manual controls.


This can be used on the children’s courts under the supervision of an adult. This is a great way to practice what they are learning in the classes.