Q & A Public

Q & A Public


  • What are the basic criteria for becoming a member of the Field Club?

Families interested in applying for the Field Club must have lived in the New Canaan community (roughly a 30 mile radius of town). They must also be friendly with families in the club who can serve on their behalf as sponsor, co-sponsor and supporting letter writers.

  • What are the roles for sponsors, co-sponsors and supporting form writers?

Sponsors and co-sponsors are asked by the prospective family to write detailed recommendation letters on their behalf. These letters should provide substantial information about the prospective family including background information on the husband and wife (e.g., where they grew up, where they went to school, etc.), information on occupations, and a brief description of children and their interests. It should also mention any philanthropic involvement and/or other hobbies of interest. In addition, the prospective family must provide six other families, four of whom will be asked to submit supporting forms recommending the applicant family for membership.

  • Are there any specific criteria for sponsors, co-sponsors and supporting letter writers?

There are limits on the number of families for which a member can sponsor, co-sponsor and/or write supporting letters in a given year. Members are limited to sponsorship of two applicants per calendar year, provided however, that they may not have more than one active application under consideration at any one time.  Executive Committee and Membership Committee members may neither sponsor nor co-sponsor applicants. Members and non-Executive Committee Board members may co-sponsor two and write up to three supporting letters each year. Executive Committee members can write up to four supporting letters each year, but, as stated above, cannot sponsor/co-sponsor an applicant for membership.

  • How long does it take to go through the Field Club application process?

The application process time interval very much depends on how long our wait list is at the time of the an inquiry/application.

  • Is there a summer membership program?

The Club will not be offering this program until further notice.

Tennis – General

  • When do the courts open/close for the season?

Court openings and closings are predicated on the weather, but generally open around the 1st of May and usually close in late October-early November.

  • Is there a fee to use the courts?

There is no fee for members. There is a modest fee for guests.

  • Do I need court reservations?

In general, it is a good idea to get a court reservation as our courts are popular particularly on weekdays and weekend mornings during the summer. On the weekends preference is granted for working folks in the mornings or if we are hosting a New Canaan Field Club event. To make reservations, call the Tennis Pro Shop at 203-966-6879 ext. 6.

  • Who is the Tennis Director, how many pros work at the club, and are they available for lessons?

Tim Brueggeman has been our Director of Tennis since 2020. He supervises a team of 6 – 10 tennis professionals, some of whom have multi-year tenure with the club. Access to lessons is simple and available by calling the Pro Shop.


Women’s Tennis

  • What Does the Women’s Tennis Program offer?

The women’s tennis program prides itself on including all levels of tennis players from beginners to advanced. We also strive to promote play to have fun, exercise, laugh, make friends and improve skills. We encourage all members to join a team to socialize, promote club camaraderie, and gain match play experience.

In 2021, we had seven different competitive teams for match play: the Interclub League A, B & C teams, and the Fairfield County League Divisions: 2, 4, 6 & 9. We also participate in a fall league. The number of teams and their positions in the leagues will vary from year to year depending on the teams’ records in competition.

We kick off our tennis with Round Robins, mini camps, beginner clinics, working women’s evening play and social doubles events. New members are encouraged to come out and participate. There are many different programs available that we hope everyone will pick up a racket and join us out on the courts. We have a place for you!

 Men’s Tennis

  • What types of outlets for tennis are available to men?

The Men’s tennis program currently runs seven interclub teams that play at various levels throughout the summer. Four teams play on Wednesday nights and three play on Thursday nights in the 50+ league. We have numerous events through the summer – singles tournaments, doubles tournaments, pro-ams and the like. There are also “Round Robins” on Saturday mornings and Monday evenings, and multiple clinics are offered throughout the week, including skills drills and “Cardio Tennis.” There is a Men’s singles league that is also designed to facilitate getting a game. Additionally, the Pro Shop can help anyone find a game if need be.


Junior Tennis

  • When does tennis instruction start in the spring? How long does the season run?

The junior tennis program typically begins early May with after school instruction through the end of June. The summer season which follows goes to the end of August.

  • What age groups do we teach, and what is offered for our junior players?

The Junior Tennis Program encompasses all ages from 3½ to 17 years of age. There are recreational activities, competitive events, group instruction, special events and three levels of team tennis. For children 10 and under we follow the QuickStart Tennis format which uses graduated court sizes, low-compression colored balls, and an easier scoring method. This allows kids to learn proper stroke technique early on and makes the game more enjoyable for them.

  • Are the summer clinics organized according to skill level?

Yes, the courts are grouped by the pros with every effort made to create balanced courts. If adjustments need to be made, boys and girls can be shifted between courts.

  • How are summer clinics generally set up?

Each child is assigned a court for the week and will work with the same kids and the same pro for that week. (Often adjacent courts share drills. The courts are set up so that similar skill levels share pairs of courts). Drills and competitive games are played that isolate different aspects and strokes of the game. SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) drills are also used to develop on-court coordination and stamina.

  • What is Junior Interclub?

NCFC Pros select advanced junior players that can serve, score, and play from the baseline to represent NCFC in the Fairfield County Interclub Matches over the summer. Matches are played on Thursdays from 1:00-3:00pm either home or away at various clubs in the area. There are both singles and doubles matches. There are 4 divisions: 10U matches use a 60’ court and orange balls, 12U uses green dot balls, while 14U and 17U are yellow ball and regulation courts. Pros may select advanced players for Interclub from NCFC programming and club ladder standings.

  • What are the costs involved?

Costs vary according to the length and frequency of the lessons in the various group programs as well as for private lessons.  There are fixed seasonal fees.  Fees (which include food costs) for the Jr. Tennis social events (such as the annual banquet) are also posted when they are scheduled.

  • How do I sign up my child?

For all programs and events, except the drop by spring after school programs, advanced registration is required through the members’ website. To set up a private tennis lesson, reserve a court, or for any other questions please call the Pro Shop at 203-966-6879 ext. 6.


Women’s Platform Tennis (Paddle)

  • When does the paddle season start?

Paddle can be played year round, but it is primarily played during the winter months. You will find our courts busy from September through April. Ladies’ clinics start the first week in October and their leagues start in mid October.

  • How can I learn to play paddle?

Our pros are available to give private, semi-private and group lessons. NCFC offers clinics for players of all levels including beginners. Our 3rd Ladies team also provides match play for beginning players. Additionally, there are paddles and equipment available to demo and to purchase.

  • Can I play on a team?

Absolutely. We encourage everyone to get involved in the ladies teams. There is a spot for every level and it is a great way to meet other players. We currently have four women’s paddle teams. There is a Darien-New Canaan Interclub team, which plays on Tuesday mornings and evenings and 3 teams in the Fairfield County Women’s Platform Tennis League on Thursday and Friday mornings. All teams have a 16 week season.

  • How can I get my family to play?

We have men and women teams, as well as a wonderful junior program. We host family events, round robins and tournaments throughout the season. We look forward to seeing you in the cages.


Men’s Platform Tennis (Paddle)

  • How can I play?

There are league matches, “Monday Night Football” round robins, Men’s clinics and individual lessons given by our pros. There are also numerous club tournaments and social events — such as mixed doubles tournaments.  Contact the Men’s paddle chair or our pros to get started. There are also Member-Guest and Mixed member-member tournaments.

  • Is there league play?

There are eight men’s Platform Tennis teams. Six teams play in the Fairfield County Platform Tennis League (FCPTL). These matches are on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We also have 2 teams that play on Thursday nights. The men’s teams compete throughout Fairfield County and are an excellent way to get a great match each week against players of an appropriate level. No matter what level you are, there is a team for you.

  • I’m new to paddle and I want to play. How do I get started?

Our pros can give you private lessons or you can join a clinic or play socially. They can also get you on a league team. Or help you find others to play for “fun”.  Some of our best paddle players have played tennis before and found they were able to adapt to paddle very quickly. So don’t be shy, come out and try.

  • When can I play?

The four lighted courts can be reserved (first come basis) anytime from 8am to 11pm via the online reservation system.


Junior Platform Tennis (Paddle)

  • When does Junior Platform Tennis start? How long does the season run?

The Junior Platform Tennis program begins the last week in October with clinics running after school every day. The program runs 15 weeks and ends the first week in March. NCFC boasts some of the best junior players in the country.

  • What age groups do we teach, and what is offered for our junior players?

The Junior Paddle Program encompasses all ages from 6 to 17 years of age. There are recreational activities, competitive events, group instruction, special events and a Junior Platform Tennis League that competes throughout the winter. In addition there are many local tournaments that many NCFC juniors participate in throughout the season.

  • Are the Junior Platform Tennis clinics organized according to skill level?

Yes, the courts are grouped by the pros with every effort made to create balance.

  • Is there an Interclub Team?

Yes, the Junior Interclub Team plays on Friday Evenings in the Darien/New Canaan Region of the JPPTL.

  • What are the costs involved?

Costs vary according to the length and frequency of the lessons in the various group programs as well as for private lessons. Fees for the social events and tournaments are posted when they are scheduled.

  • How do I sign up my child?

For all programs and events, advanced registration is required through our pros.



  • What aquatics programs does the New Canaan Field Club offer?

The Field Club offers competitive swimming, water polo and diving programs for children aged 17 years and under. We also offer group and individual swim lessons.

Our swim team consists of two teams: “Bandits” which accommodates children aged 17 years and under, and “Banditos” for children aged 8 years and under. Our Bandit swimmers compete against other clubs in Fairfield County. Banditos learn to swim all strokes and compete in meets against local clubs.

The Field Club’s Water Polo program offers three co-ed teams: midget (aged 10 years and under), junior (aged 14 years and under) and senior (aged 17 years and under). They also compete against teams from other Fairfield County clubs.

Our Diving program has been one of the best programs in Fairfield County. We offer diving programs for children of all ages. Competitive divers compete in meets against local clubs.

All three teams belong to the Fairfield County Swim League. The Fairfield County Swim League usually welcomes 32 clubs, competing in the sports of swimming, diving and water polo.

For those children looking to learn how to swim or to improve their skill we offer group and individual swim lessons. Adults have even taken advantage of our professional aquatics staff and improved their own swimming skills. Lessons can be booked directly through the lesson coordinator.

  • When is the pool open for use?

The pool is open 7 days a week, Memorial Day through Labor Day. Aquatics programs sometimes occupy the main pool from 8:30am-1 pm. Other times, the main pool is open to all club members. The Field Club also offers members a large baby pool for use by parents with very young children.

Youth Programs

  • What programs, in addition to tennis and swimming, are available for children during the summer?

NCFC offers a summer camp program geared toward children entering pre-school through 4th grade.  The camp includes swimming and tennis four days a week as well as diving practice for older campers.  The program also includes a variety of “specials” including sports, crafts, pool games and visits from outside groups such as Animal Embassy and Mad Science.  Camp hours are from 8:30am – 1:00pm, and the program runs for seven or eight weeks in the summer.  Our program is led by a director with an Early Childhood Education degree. Parents also have the option to extend the camp day until 2:00pm through our popular Kids Hour program.

NCFC Youth Programs sometimes holds a basketball tournament for middle schoolers each summer and also plans various youth parties and events throughout the year.

Social Programs

  • What type of social events does the Field Club offer?

The NCFC has several social events every year: an Opening Cocktail party in May, a Memorial Day Family Picnic the Sunday before Memorial Day, a 4th of July Family BBQ, and a Labor Day Family Lobster & Clambake Labor Day weekend.  In the summer, members can participate in family-Friday picnics. Our tennis and swimming pros also organize several social events. And, during the winter, our paddle pro has many get-togethers for players of all levels.

  • How do I know when there is a social event?

Our club website has a Master Calendar that shows all events, competitions, etc. We also send out email invitations and reminders.

  • How do I reserve/cancel for social events?

Members can reserve or cancel their reservations for social events by going to the club website. Click on the actual event on the master calendar, or go to the social tab and follow the link. You can also follow the links from our email. If you have any difficulties, you can always phone the club office at 203-966-6879 Ext 1.

  • How do I pay for my social reservations?

Your fees are billed directly to you in a monthly invoice.