The culture of New Canaan Field Club can be described as a family-friendly swim and tennis club. In a relaxed and low-key environment, members enjoy a friendly and comfortable atmosphere – welcoming new members, conducive to lasting relationships. The club’s membership comes from a wide cross-section of the local population, as well as non-residents.

The membership process is simple and the club offers many membership categories to fit the varying needs of different lifestyles. An initial applicant may only apply for a full, legacy, or junior legacy membership. There is no summer membership program at this time.


We invite you to come join us as we celebrate over 60 years of family fun and friendship.

Our Full Members enjoy unrestricted access to our programming year round. The New Canaan Field Club offers a wide variety of tennis, aquatics, and youth camps in the summer, and an active paddle program in the fall and winter. Full members can also enjoy social events throughout the year.


  • Sponsor
  • Co-Sponsor
  • 6 Potential NCFC members who can complete our online support form (4 of whom will be called upon to complete the form)
  • Online Application (including a $500 non-refundable fee)


Requirements for Full Membership:

1.Submit the inquiry form (click here)

2. The Prospective Member Identifies a Sponsor and Co-Sponsor Family

  • The Prospective Member/Applicant will secure a Sponsor and a Co-Sponsor Family before applying.
  • The Prospective Member/Applicant needs to identify, with the help of the Sponsor Family, four to six additional families who will be required to fill out an online form on their behalf. The Membership Committee will reach out to each Supporting Member.
  • The Prospective Member will create and share a family bio with the Sponsor and Co-Sponsor Families.

3. The Sponsor will reach out to the Membership Committee, by email, to announce the Prospective Member’s application, declare that they will be the Sponsor, and name the Co-Sponsor and supporting members.

4. The Prospective Member will fill out the application form online

  • Name the Sponsor and Co-Sponsor Families
  • List four to six Supporting Member Families
  • Pay the $500 non-refundable application fee. This fee will be applied as a credit to their first invoice if they become a Full Member
  • The Membership Committee will present the Prospective Member/Applicant to the entire Membership
  • The Membership Committee will then present the Prospective Member/Applicant to the Executive Board for final approval.
  • If approved, the Membership Committee will have the Sponsor Family reach out to the Prospective Member/ Applicant with an offer of Membership to the New Canaan Field Club.

Please let us know if you have any questions: