10/3/19: Men’s Paddle Season


New Canaan Field Club

Men’s Paddle Season


Hello everyone,

The time has come to put away the tennis whites and get to the small courts as paddle season has arrived!

We are excited to welcome J. P. McConnell back to his sixth season at the Field club (click here to see his welcome note from a week ago) and along with him, we are committed to having a great men’s paddle season.

We wanted to send out some basic information on the program and encourage you to join us as much as you want!!

Interclub teams: We will have FIVE teams competing in the Fairfield county Platform tennis league and two teams competing in the Thursday night league. For members not familiar with the system, automated emails go out each week with details about the time and location of matches AND ask about your availability. If you are on this list you MUST respond by clicking “Available” or “Not available” (because if you do not, you will keep receiving the same e-mail every day until you respond!) If you can play but only certain conditions (e.g., start time or end time restrictions) please click “Available” and then e-mail the team captain directly letting him know your conditions. Captains will consider the available players and put the most competitive teams out each week.

Saturday team availability email list. Saturday teams compete in D2 and D3 and is a high level of paddle for “advanced” competitive paddle players. Feel free to contact J. P., either one of us or the captains listed below if you have any questions about these teams.

o D2 is captained by Mark Grenauer

o D3 is being captained by Marc DePalo and Mark Noonan

Sunday team availability email list. The Sunday list has three teams that compete in D4, D6 and D7. All levels of paddle are encouraged to participate. We always need players and we will work with you to find the appropriate team for you!

o D4 is being captained by Jim Arliss and Mike Fox

o D6 is being captained by John Heron and George Brakeley

o D7 is being captained by Chas Timberlake

Thursday Night league teams: We will also have two teams competing on Thursday nights. Matches start at 7:30pm and the keg will be open at every home match! The same basic automated email system is used to send out match information and asking about your availability.

Monday Night paddle: Every Monday we will host MNF paddle nights. It is a great opportunity to get out in a relaxed setting, watch some football, eat some pizza, drink some beer and play paddle. All levels are encouraged to attend and our pros will be on site to help organize matches, etc.. A small fee is charged for the balls, food, etc. (usually ~$5.) which is billed to your NCFC account. Please note that the availability email query system is the same as for the teams.

Please email either of us to be signed up (if you are not already) on email information and availability lists for all of the above!

Men’s Clinics: J. P. is once again running Saturday morning clinics to work on your individual paddle skills as well as teaching team concepts to improve the overall quality of our paddle. I know that those of us that have participating in the past all attest to how impactful these sessions have been on our games. Costs are very reasonable and are posted on the website. Well worth the money and a great way to improve our game!! First clinics are this Saturday. Click here for more information and to sign up.

Opening Day Round Robin: Join us this Saturday from 8:30-10:30am for a social and competitive opening day Round Robin. The event is free – click here to sign up. While there, you can also sign up for the October 25th mixed paddle social.

Please feel free to reach out to either one of us if you have any questions. ESPECIALLY if you are a new member!

Hope to see you on the courts soon!

John & Mark

John Heron

Mark Grenauer


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