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Hello parents,

Below you will find important up-to-date guidelines for keeping your camper safe this summer. Please read carefully.

A few important things to note:

Please click here to print and sign the waiver for camp. All campers must have this waiver signed before their first day.

On Thursday, June 25th from 3:30- 4:00, stop by the basketball court to meet the counselors and directors! This is a great time to drop off your waiver and any other paperwork you may have. We will be available to answer any questions or concerns before camp begins on the 29th.

If you have a child with a medical concern, please contact the directors at camp@nc-fc.com to set up a time to drop off Epipens or anything else they may need to ensure your camper has a safe summer!

Summer 2020 Updates

Group Size & Distancing We have limited camp this summer to Main Camp only. We feel that our staff will be able to provide a quality program while adhering to our new safety protocols with this age group, thereby limiting the risks for everyone. Camp groups will be limited to 10 campers with 2 dedicated counselors per group. Each group will have its own outdoor “home base” and will be kept socially distant (6ft.) from other groups at all times. Indoor time will be limited to bathroom use and weather emergencies. Children within each group of 10 will be kept socially distant whenever possible. Only our Director of First Aid will interact with all groups and only when medically necessary. Counselors and staff will not rotate among the groups.

Drop-off Parents and siblings must remain in the car at all times. Parents will pull up to the designated drop-off point. Parents must wear a mask (unless a medical exception applies) as staff may need to approach the vehicle. The camper(s) will exit the vehicle and temperature will be taken with a no-touch thermometer by their designated group counselor. Campers with temperatures 100 degrees or greater will not be admitted to camp. No exceptions. Parents will be asked to roll down the window and respond to a set of standard health questions and attest to camper health. (Staff will go through a similar screening process each morning.) Healthy campers will be directed to their group “home base” where they will immediately wash hands or apply sanitizer. Bug sprays and sunscreen must be applied at home. Please do not ask high-risk caregivers or family members to transport your children to and from camp. When possible, the same adult should be the designated drop-off/pickup parent for the week. More information will also be provided as your camp week approaches.

Pick-up Parents and siblings must remain in the car at all times. Parents will pull up to a designated pick-up point and provide their camper(s)’ name to their designated group counselor. Parents must wear a mask (unless a medical exception applies) as staff will need to approach the vehicle. Parents will be asked in advance to provide license plate numbers of approved adults designated to retrieve their child(ren). Children will need to be able to open car doors independently – please practice with your child. Parents wishing/needing to speak at length with camp staff will be directed to a parking spot and contacted via cell phone. More information will also be provided as your camp week approaches.

Kids Hour Great news! We have reconfigured our groups and can offer Kids Hour as a drop in, as we have in the past. $50 for the week or $15 a day. Pickup will be at your drop off point. 

Masks All camp staff will wear masks throughout the camp day. If you wish for your child to wear a mask, please let your counselor know. For campers wearing masks, designated “mask breaks” will be taken throughout the day while practicing social distancing. For children taking swim lessons, swim instructors will be wearing face shields when within 6 feet of the campers.

Camp Cleanliness High-touch surfaces and bathrooms will be disinfected multiple times per day per CDC guidelines. Shared items will be disinfected after use or designated for one group’s use only. Each group will have access to designated hand sanitizer. Dedicated handwashing breaks will be scheduled throughout the day.

Equipment To the extent possible, supplies and equipment will be designated for use by only one group or camper for the week.

Personal Hygiene Hand-washing is always a regular part of the camp day but will be increased this summer. Counselors will require campers to wash before and after sneezing or coughing, snack and lunch, after using the restroom, and throughout the day as necessary. Campers will keep their belongings separate and in their designated “home base” tent. No personal items or food are to be shared.

Lunch & Snack You can choose to send your child with a lunch from home or preorder from the snack bar by clicking here. Please send your child with food items that they can open and eat independently. Only perishable items need to be refrigerated. If you prefer, you may send your child’s lunch in an insulated bag with an ice pack. We know this is different than years before. However, we are trying to minimize contact as much as possible. We are a nut-free camp. SNACK WILL NOT BE PROVIDED THIS SUMMER. Please pack your child a morning snack.

Illness at Camp A designated indoor area will be reserved for any camper exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or other illness. We reserve the right to send your camper home if there are any concerns related to COVID-19 or other contagious diseases. We ask that all caregivers plan to stay within a 30- mile radius of camp in case an emergency pickup is necessary. Should a camper or staff become ill with COVID-19 or report exposure, we will notify the CTDPH and the local health department and follow their guidance for quarantine or closure, as appropriate.

Medication Any camper requiring medication at camp (for allergies and asthma or other conditions) must indicate this on medical forms. Medications will be accepted on the first day of camp and will be kept at camp for the week and returned at Friday drop-off.

Sunblock and Bug Spray Bug sprays and sunscreen must be applied at home and not during drop-off. You may send your camper with their own bug spray and sunblock but they must be able to apply them independently and responsibly.  

Health Forms & Waivers All camp paperwork must be received no later than noon of the Thursday prior to the start of your camp week. No exceptions. Health and immunization records for children that previously attended the camp that expire during the declared emergency are acceptable. Health and immunization records for children that have been attending a legally operating child care program or school that has been temporarily closed due to COVID-19 are not required, provided the parent attests in writing that the child is up-to-date with their physical examination and immunizations and provides information regarding any disabilities and/or special health care needs.

Weather As always, we’ll be outside as much as possible. Indoor time will be limited to bathroom and emergency use only.

Playground At this time the playground is to remain closed.

Behavior Good behavior is expected at camp. We reserve the right to remove any camper whose behavior may pose a danger to the health or safety of others. Setting expectations with your camper can make a big difference.

Disclaimer This remains an evolving situation. All protocols, procedures and policies are subject to change.

Our Advisor Camp Doctor: Dr Eva Grunberg, New Canaan Pediatrics

Karen Wilson
Camp Director




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