5/27/20: Men’s Singles Club Championships


New Canaan Field Club

Men’s Singles CC’s


Hello Gentlemen,

We are now taking sign-ups for the Men’s Singles Club Championships.

We will have six draws to choose from:

A Flight
B Flight
C Flight
50 & over
60 & over
70 & over

You may sign up for a for a flight and/or an age group. The deadline to sign up is June 1st.

Click here to sign up.

We will make up the draws and then each round must be played by a certain date. Those dates will be posted on the draw sheet. The finals must be played by August 2nd.

Gary Squires
Men’s Coordinator


Men’s Singles Club Championships

Rules of Tournament Play

All players must be available to play from June 3- August 2nd.

  • Draws are posted on the club’s website here.
  • Each round must be played by the round’s deadline.
  • Contact your opponent and set a time.
  • Call the pro shop and book a court. Courts can be reserved 2 weeks in advance. Each match is allotted 2 hours. Please notify the pro shop personel that this is a club championship match.
  • Matches are best 2 of 3 sets. In lieu of a third set, a 10 point super tiebreak will be played. (First to reach 10 points by a margin of 2). Regular scoring (deuce and ad).
  • In order to complete the match in the 2 hour allotted time; a 5 minute warm-up only will be held.
  • Balls for the match may be picked up at the tennis pro shop. Please return the used balls at the conclusion of your match.
  • At the conclusion of the match please email the result with the score to Gary Squires at: squires@nc-fc.com.
  • Contact your next opponent.
  • A consolation draw for first round losers will be held (time permitting).
  • USTA rules govern all play. If an injury takes place during the match, the match becomes an automatic default. (Cannot be made up at a later date).
  • If a match is not completed by the assigned date AND both players have given each other a minimum of one date they can play… A coin flip will determine the winner.
  • If the match has not been completed within the 2 hour time allotment:
  1. You can reschedule to complete the match from where you left off as long as it is played before the round’s deadline.
  2. If the match cannot be rescheduled, then the player who was leading is declared the winner. i.e. 7-5, 3-4 the person who won the first set is the winner.
  • There is a 15 minute default time limit if a player arrives late to the match. No exceptions, even if your opponent is willing to start late. You can still play a fun match, but it is counted as a default.
  • Awards will be given to finalists in the main draw and consolation draws.
  • Again report your result and scores to Gary Squires at: garysquires3@gmail.com
  • Good luck!



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