5/21/2020: Summer Member Update


New Canaan Field Club

Summer Member Update
– Deadline Extended to May 27th


Dear Summer Members,

Hopefully the communications that you have received from me helped give you a better picture of how our club continues to find opportunities to balance giving our members the “NCFC experience” while still responsibly following social distancing requirements.

In the past weeks, I shared updates with you about tennis events/clinics and camp signup dates along with our guidelines for social distancing. Today, I am sharing an email from our President announcing the opening of the Apple Cart snack bar and our Club’s goal to open the pool in mid-June (see below). 

Our Aquatics Director and Chairs are realigning our Club’s programs and guidelines based on the recent directives and orders of the club associations, the town and the state. In the next few days, I will share an update with you from our Aquatics Director and Chairs with more details on their programs.

Also, we just learned that our Jr. Tennis programs will be opening starting June 1st! They will be holding late afternoon clinics in all five age groups, and two June events will be held as well. Of course, all necessary safety precautions will be observed.

We understand that some of you are looking forward to more details on these programs to help you assess whether to request a refund (Option A), postpone your membership to 2021 (Option B) or apply for immediate conversion to full membership (Option C). Therefore, we are extending our deadline to email me with your decision to Wednesday, May 27th. After Wednesday, you will no longer receive Club updates but you are welcome to reach out to me at any time with questions regarding our membership program or services subject to the directives and orders of the club associations, the town and the state.

Thank you to those of you who already reached out to me with questions and/or decisions on your preferred option on how to address the Club’s decision to postpone 2020 Summer Membership (click here for the announcement and options). It has been a good opportunity to hear from you individually and to learn how you are managing during the current Pandemic.

Stay well and be safe.


Cecilia Henderson-Hassan
Membership chair





Hello Members, 

Here is the latest update.

We have two Town inspections, fire on Thursday and health on Friday. With these approvals we will be opening the snack bar and seating area. Come out and support our food service provider Apple Cart this weekend. Get some fresh air and good food outdoors.

We have set up sanitizing stations and all social distancing protocols with Town approval. We will ask parents to please monitor younger children. Tables will be spaced out accordingly and our staff will be around to help you. Between each family use we will be sanitizing the tables and chairs.

Please understand that this is all new to us and we will be monitoring the use of masks if you are within close proximity to each other. 

The line for food will be set up using floor mats for the social distancing protocol. Menu options will be posted, and you can click here to view it online. All food will be bagged and marked with your name and will be passed through the small side window. Please place your order and then stand back until your food is ready.

3-6 on Friday
11-4 on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

(If it is busy near these closing times, it will stay open later.)

So please visit our snack bar to show your support!

NOTE: The pool area inside the gates will be closed. Please monitor your children around the pool area.
We are working closely with the Town with a goal of opening the pool mid June.

And please take a walk over to Tennis and introduce yourself to our new Director of Tennis Tim Brueggeman.

Thank you for your support.


Mike Simko, President





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