2/10: Membership Update


New Canaan Field Club

  Membership Update


Dear Members,

What an exciting time for membership! Thank you to those of you who have been promptly responding to our requests to act as a sponsor, co-sponsor and/or supporting member for applying families.

We are close to our maximum number of 2020 Summer Memberships and we also have Full Memberships available. Please encourage your friends who are serious about membership, especially for the summer, to apply soon to avoid disappointment (click HERE for the online application).

Please take the time to review this membership update closely. We welcome feedback from Club membership regarding all applicants under consideration. You may confidentially submit your information by email to membership@nc-fc.com.


 The Membership Committee is Pleased to Announce this Family Which Has Been Offered Summer Membership

  Applicants Sponsor/Co-Sponsor
   Jamie & Kim Loner  Knowles/Tokarski



 The Membership Committee is Pleased to Announce these Returning Full Members

   Brendan & Amy McGurk  



 The Membership Committee is Pleased to Announce these Full Member Applicants

  Applicants Sponsor/Co-Sponsor
   Sam Alnouri & Charlotte Allen  Knowles/Tokarski
   James & Jessica Huetter  Prostor/Doyle



 The Membership Committee is Pleased to Announce these Previous Summer Members’ Applications for Conversion to Full Membership

  Applicants Sponsor/Co-Sponsor
   Garrison & Hope Belles  Wolfson/Cereghino
   Derek & Anna Satzinger  Gilbert/Goetz



 The Membership Committee is Pleased to Announce these Summer Member Applicants

  Applicants Sponsor/Co-Sponsor
   Julian & Helen Alexander   Simpson/Horine
   John & Christina Altier   Lee/Goetz
   Sam & Jessica Azoulay  Spilker/Stevenson
   Garrett & Melissa Baker   Shackelton/Casey
   Scott & Bethanie Bartone   Entwistle/Hull
   Philip & Christa Carr  Loehnis/Simpson
   Anthony & Suzanne Cicia  DeKanter/Hanover
   Erik & Allison Costlow   Cardillo/Reid
   Chris & Marisol Cuesta  O’Neill/Kaupp
   Christopher & Julie Farrell   Von Ziegesar/Allen
   Nolan & Mary Farris  Von Ziegesar/Allen
   Mike & Sarah Handler  Buscher/Von Ziegesar
   Kevin Fitzgibbons & Martha Harper  Willett/Shackelton
   David & Cindy Havens   Mehta/Rosen
   Fell & Cara Herdeg  Grau/Bilden
   Frick & Mindy Jones   Sterner/O’Connor
   Chris & Lisa McLean   Monohan/Maco
   Jamie & Jo Mortimore   Simpson/Doyle
   Topher & Sara Orr   Solache/Grau
   Jeep & Jessica Post  Whinery/LeConey
   Billy & Katy Pymm  Rosen/Doyle
   Matt & Jenn Saldarelli  Matt & Jenn Saldarelli
   Anthony & Alison Salerno  Miller/Entwistle
   John & Jennie Seaman  Von Ziegesar/Shackelton
   Nick & Michelle Seaver  Magliacano/Kenin
   Kevin & Kristie Smith  Doyle/Pemberton
   Matt & Ashley Snyder   Creighton/Knowles
   Miguel & Ariane Triay  Loehnis/Blair
   Josie & Scott Weiss  Shackelton/Casey

 Resignations: none

Thank you for your support in continuing to build our NCFC family.


The Membership Committee

Cecilia Henderson-Hassan, chair
Camila do Valle
Leigh Kennedy
Julie Olafsson


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