2/19/21: Membership Update


New Canaan Field Club

 Membership Update


Dear Members,

Hope everyone is enjoying the winter season and looking forward to warmer weather… summer is coming soon.

We continue to speak with the many families who are interested in the New Canaan Field Club. We have been very busy processing new applicants for Full Membership and we have also filled all of our slots for the 2021 Limited Summer Membership.

Below are lists of families who have Accepted Full & Summer Membership, Applied for the Full Membership, Legacy and Jr. Legacy Membership and the Limited Summer Membership for 2021.

Please take the time to review this membership update.


Families that have accepted Full Membership

  Applicants Sponsor/Co-Sponsor
  Ben & Leah Conlee (Jr. Legacy) Taben/Marcus
  Adam & Molly Fewster Reid/Laska
  David & Kate Williams LeConey/DeKanter



Families that have Applied for Full Membership

  Applicants Sponsor/Co-Sponsor
  Patrick & Colleen Campo Penman/Riley
  Greg & Jenn Ezring Belles/Wolfson
  Richard & Vanessa Lowry Shackelton/Hearne



Families that have Applied for Legacy & Jr. Legacy Full Membership

  Applicants Sponsor/Co-Sponsor
  Scott & Raquel Harrison (Legacy) Haddad/Cardillo



Families that Applied for 2021 Summer Membership

  Applicants Sponsor/Co-Sponsor
  Chris & Sarah Mattern Willett/McGee


As a reminder to all Members, when you offer to Sponsor, Co-sponsor or be a Supporting Member, you are limited to the following:

  • Sponsor two (2) applicants per year
  • Co-sponsor two (2) applicants per year
  • Supporting Member three (3) applicants per year

We welcome any feedback that you may have regarding the applicants under consideration. You may confidentially submit your information by email to membership@nc-fc.com.

As always, thank you for your support in continuing to build our NCFC family.

Stay well and be safe,

Kim Loner & Colleen Prostor
Membership Co-Chairs


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