2/11/21: Membership Update


New Canaan Field Club

 Membership Update


Dear Members,

We are pleased to share with you that we continue to have many interested families applying for Full Membership. We have filled all of our slots for the 2021 Limited Summer Membership. We have already started to build a waitlist for the 2022 Summer Membership.

Below are lists of families who have become Full Members, applied for a Full Membership, Jr Legacy Membership and the Limited Summer Membership.

Please take the time to review this membership update.


Welcome this Family that has become Full Members

  Applicants Sponsor/Co-Sponsor
  Chris & Lisa McLean Monohan/Maco



Families that have Applied for Full Membership

  Applicants Sponsor/Co-Sponsor
  Brian & Suzanne Gallagher Doyle/Rosen
  Brett & Holly Hopkins Reid/Chandra
  Nathan & Susan Suh Spilker/Thackray



Families that have Applied for Jr. Legacy  Membership

  Applicants Sponsor/Co-Sponsor
  David & Kristi Lebovitz Lebovitz/TBD
  Matt & Brie Young Young/Wolff



Families that are Converting from Summer to Full Membership

  Applicants Sponsor/Co-Sponsor
  John & Jennie Seaman von Ziegesar/Shackelton



Families that Applied for 2021 Summer Membership

  Applicants Sponsor/Co-Sponsor
  Alberto & Adrianna Cota Lee/Laska
  Josh & Melissa Crandall Entwistle/Reid
  DC & Dawn Curran McGurk/Koeppl
  Wes & Sarah Fetchet Doyle/McGee
  Will & Courtney Flynn Walls/Doyle
  Patrick & Mandy Heavey Huetter/Prochilo
  Matt & Jodi Kupersmith Koeppl/Reid
  Scott & Heather Macbeth Thackray/Creighton
  John Stimpson & Joanne Salvo Cereghino/Entwistle
  Steve & Kate Tomasic Martins/Innaurato

Bierman/Canas, O’Neill/Lloyds.

We welcome any feedback that you may have regarding the applicants under consideration. You may confidentially submit your information by email to membership@nc-fc.com.

As always, thank you for your support in continuing to build our NCFC family.


Stay well and be safe,

Kim Loner & Colleen Prostor
Membership Co-Chairs


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