11/13/20: Marketing Slogan Contest


New Canaan Field Club

 Marketing Slogan Contest


Dear Members:

It’s been a quiet 8 months for the Field Club marketing-wise as we navigated our way through the Covid pandemic, social distancing and the optics of club gatherings on social media. Now as we look forward to the 2021 summer, I’d like to refocus our social media presence and marketing on positivity, warmth, and the idea of the Field Club as a safe haven, a place for families to gather, relax and enjoy the outdoors with fellow members.

To that end the Board would like to announce a CONTEST to find the best SLOGAN for the Field Club to be used on social media and on all marketing materials going forward. The prize is a $50 gift card to the Apple Cart, another gem of the Field Club, for next summer.

I look forward to hearing from you as I’m sure there are some creative geniuses out there! Please submit your entry by Friday, November 20th. The winner will be announced the following week!

Also, as we know you all love to take great pictures capturing your memories at the Field Club, it would be really helpful if you pass some along to me to use in my social media posts. It’s a win win for all as you get to share some of your many photos and we have fabulous images to use for marketing. Thank you in advance!

Philippa Doyle
Chair, Publicity & Marketing


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