10/26/20: Updated Annual Meeting Invitation with Improvements


New Canaan Field Club

Annual Meeting – 2020



In response to suggestions from several members, we have improved the Annual Meeting and election process. Although we are not inviting members to attend in person, we now plan to make Zoom available.

We have also added the option of voting your proxy for or against individual nominees if you so choose, rather than only for the whole slate. 

And you may optionally submit comments or questions either on the proxy or by email to boardsecretary@nc-fc.com, since microphones will be muted during the Zoom meeting. So please submit your proxy asap (click here) even if you plan to attend the meeting on Zoom. 

If you have already submitted your proxy, you may submit again, and only the submission with the latest date will be counted.


The Annual Meeting of THE NEW CANAAN FIELD CLUB, INC. will be held at the NCFC Field House, located at 164 Smith Ridge Road, New Canaan, Connecticut, on Wednesday, November 11, 2020, at 8:00 P.M. Because of social distancing requirements, we are not inviting members to attend in person this year, but Zoom will be made available. However, you are welcome to use the box on the proxy form or email to me to submit any questions or comments you would like to be raised at the meeting.

The bylaws require a quorum of Active (full) members to elect the Board of Governors. Please submit your proxy online by clicking here (only one vote per member family).

Please be aware that under the Bylaws, Senior, Super Senior, Paddle, Honorary, and Non-resident members are not eligible to vote. Only Active (Full) members may submit proxies.

The agenda will be as follows:

* Election of Officers and Governors
* Recognition of outgoing Board members’ service
* Annual Report of the President
* Annual Report of the Treasurer
* Such other business as may properly come before the meeting

The following individuals are nominated to serve for additional two-year terms expiring November, 2022:

Women’s Tennis
Women’s Paddle
Mike Simko
Tammy Penman
Tammy Penman

The following individuals are nominated to serve for two-year terms expiring November, 2022:

Recording Secretary*
Youth Programs
Jr. Tennis
Dick Laughton
John Heron
Meghan McDonough
Colleen Prostor
Kim Loner
Jess Huetter
Marley Thackray
Jenny Mehta

*Executive Committee Officers

The following individuals are nominated to serve for additional one-year terms expiring November, 2021:

Men’s Tennis
Men’s Paddle
Jim Steele
Mark Grenauer
Philippa Doyle

The following individuals are filling out terms expiring November, 2021:

Jr. Tennis
Youth Programs
Jill Telesco
Mary Blanc
Jess Knowles

Under the provisions of the Club’s Bylaws, Article V, Section 3:
“Nominations for any office may also be made by any five active members of the Club in good standing, provided that such nominations shall be in writing and signed, and provided further that such nominations are received by the Board of Governors at least five days prior to the date of the Annual Meeting.”

Please click here as soon as possible to submit the online proxy so that we may have a quorum present at that time.

Colleen Prostor
 Board Secretary


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